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The book carries an important message for today's everyday revolutionary - those of us who advocate for equal pay, and equal treatment under the law. One of my favorite parts is in Chapter 4 Getting Into (and out of) the Government. On page 101, we read about Erin Vilardi, founder of VoteRunLead, an organization dedicated to training women to run for office at any level. Read more →

Lisa never let the family problems hold her back. The third child in a family of four children, she has more stories of life growing up confused, than most. Weren't we all confused as kids? But this is different. This is confusion from being in a home torn by alcoholism. Perhaps something more. Whatever it was, the choice Lisa made was to get through it, get beyond it, and somehow, get over it.  Read more →

You want inspiration - stories of how to get from here to there? I know you like stories. We have stories and more in this week's video. Join me in this Smart Women Conversations with the over the top personality, Lonnee Rey, of 2020 Story Coaching and Facilitator of Great People and Products as she takes us beyond our nervous nellie worries to get the boulders off our shoulders and rocks out of our socks! Read more →

In our video, we share thoughts on emotional intelligence (do women really have more of it than men?), how being uncomfortable gets you further ahead than resting on your laurels, how Joanne helps you learn to Stop, Pause, Think, and Now Action! I asked Joanne about the pause concept quite a bit. What is it? Why is it important? Is it more than just a quick breath, and on we go? Read more →

This insightful conversation shares online business strategy, various ways to make money online, how your work, the value you bring, will build your reputation and help you become the successful entrepreneur you've been dreaming of becoming. Read more →

One point Maureen talks about might surprise you. She confesses to impostor syndrome and how it affects all of us at some point or another, including some of the smartest, most successful professionals out there, in corner offices. Yep, the men and women we look up to sometimes get up, look in the mirror, and say, "I don't belong here. When will the world discover I shouldn't be here?" It's that sadness or worry or lack of confidence we feel gripping our heart, trying to hold us back. Whatever the reason, Maureen points out that we all suffer from it at some time or another in our lives. Read more →

To actually touch and feel the past, perhaps. To travel to places most of us will only see on the Travel channel. That's just part of what I love about Shahrina. What you will love is how she shares her story of the journey from archaeology to law. And how life as a student studying law could be more difficult than most of us realize. Read more →

Perhaps you've never heard of "Food Codes". I certainly hadn't. When I met Lana and we talked a bit before the show, I was immediately put at ease and attracted to her nurturing focus. Of course I was! Nurturing is how we should be treating each other every day! Little did I know, until she taught me in this conversation, that we also need to nurture our gut, our brain, our extremities - our entire body, by eating better. Read more →

There are those who will tell you work is play. Or, if it isn't, that you should be doing something else. Here's a more current thought - did you play with building blocks as a kid? Did your kids play with building blocks? What about those all popular inter-connecting building blocks? You know the kind, the ones that are so colorful and today also can help kids create super heroes and cars and fire stations and more. Read more →

Her series of Pug Fairy Tales not only delight children, they are great for a chuckle and a trip down memory lane for those of us who remember reading fairy tales as a kid. I was big into fairy tales, so these books make me smile for more reasons than just their whimsical content.  Read more →