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Kim shares and explains how she see the word “abundance” in relation to our lives and her life. Abundance is a powerful word if you take the time to understand it. And it can mean so many different things - including being thankful for family and the business idea that got you started as an entrepreneur. Read more →

One of the best parts of this conversation is when Hollie says, “Magic happens.”We talk about magic a good bit, here at Nurturing Big Ideas. I believe in your talents and magic. Having Hollie say those words, unbidden by me, made my heart soar. You’ll have to watch to discover why she said them, and what she means by them. Read more →

A key point being made in this conversation is that pet parents, pet lovers, pet people, whatever you want to call yourself, cannot and should not ignore this. We are in charge of these creatures who delight us every day, and whose pictures we post on Instagram every day, and whose very existence depends on us. Read more →

One of the best parts of this woman to woman conversation is the description of how Carol came to understand her place in the Universe. Her place, she tells us, is in the health and wellness of Cocker Spaniels.No, she is not a veterinarian, nor is she an employee of a veterinary office. Read more →

Wendy Toth is one of the BEST examples of this. She tells us in this video how she got her start, both in her career path and in her ‘life path’. Sometimes those gel together well, sometimes they don't. It's when they don't that we often give up and think it isn't meant to be - this business we want to create or nurture. We think the Universe doesn't want us to succeed. Read more →

Shawna brings such vivaciousness and effervescence to everything she does, every moment spent in conversation with her makes me happy, it gives me energy, and I leave having learned not only something new about myself, but something new about how the Universe works.This doesn’t mean Shawna runs the Universe. It merely means she is a voracious learner who spends time studying the “human condition”, much the way I do. Read more →

You’ll discover that starting out new, as Laura is now, and as I am, also, is not new to us, but even with our backgrounds in successful business planning, we need to touch other like-minded souls to keep us grounded. Read more →

And that’s what this is about. It’s about women becoming more confident, living in the body you were born with. It’s about personal development and how Aimee came up with the idea of a YOUniversity to help women become Irresistible. Read more →

You’ll learn quickly that although Monique, a BFF from BlogPaws, exudes the ‘can-do’ attitude we recommend here at Nurturing Big Ideas, she came by her expertise honestly. Like the rest of us, she learned from the people she works with and she also went out and found the right ‘teacher’, to further her education. Read more →

She tells us that many of the women she works with (and she works with men, too, as do we all), bring an emotional need to the conversation. They suddenly aren’t going into an office any longer, and that’s a challenge. How do you manage your day when your day is no longer managed for you? Read more →